The Erlangen X-ray lab's page

Our equipment
Read about our Siemens theta/theta- and the Siemens Transmissions diffractometer.
Did you ever see the Kalpha1/2 resolved at an angle of 8.8 °2theta?
Ever got a FWHM of 0.016 °2theta?
See what can be done with small sized samples in transmission geometry.
Tips & Tricks
Some of our favourite sample preparation tricks. Bugs & work arounds for the D5000.
Read some hints about proper slit settings.
The D5000 and its variable slit problem.
The virtual crystallographic calculators
Now available in Java-Script versions for offline use on any computer platform!
Convert angles to d-values and vice versa for any type of radiation.
Calculate optimum slit settings, minimum sample length or lowest angle possible for a certain slit/sample combination.
Services we offer
Qualitative and semi-quantitative clay mineral analysis.
"Illite crystallinity" and crystallite size analysis in high resolution setting.
Quantitative (!) XRD analysis of wellcrystalized phases by the Rietveld-method. Send us a standard of your choice and test it.

Some of our favourite sample pre
WWW resources for XRD
Some of our favourite sample pre